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Please check frequently asked questions before sending us inquiries.

  • Q: [Cosmetics] Do you sell authentic products?

    We provide 100% real, original and authentic cosmetics as well as fresh cosmetics.

    We only sell authentic products.

    Once we receive your orders, we directly contact brand offices or official agencies to receive fresh products.


    In fact, it is much more difficult to get imitation or fake products. (Although we've never tried).

    We can compensate you million times worth of your payment if the products are not real.


    If you request, we will send you our business license along with the invoice before you pay us. If you are still suspicious of our products, you can start by ordering a small amount first.


    In addition, we always take pictures before we pack and send them to you. When we take the pictures in order to prove the products are authentic, you can ask us to take the pictures in the angle you want.


  • Q: [Cosmetics] I want to buy samples.

    We only provide a sample order of a few brands. 

    At this moment, we supply 'Laneige' and 'Sulwhasoo' samples as an official order. Except for these brands, to supply samples of other brands is not possible. 

    We also provide some samples for free to our clients, as our gift. The samples' brands and items will be randomly selected based on our stock status, and they are shipped with your parcels.

  • Q: [Cosmetics] Do you sell fresh cosmetics?

    After we receive the down payment from you, we start arranging the products as you ordered. 

    We receive most of cosmetics directly from brand offices and their branches.

    Thus, all cosmetics are as fresh as possible. The products we supply are all normally manufactured within 6 months.

  • Q: [Cosmetics] Expiration Date of Cosmetics

    Category Subcategory Expiration before opening Period-after-opening
    Skin Care
    Toner, Emulsion, Cream, Essence, Eye Cream,
    Sun cream, Body products, Hair products
    30 month 12 month
    Moisture stick, Eye stick 12 month 6 month
    Cleansing Product Cleansing foam, Cleansing cream, Cleansing oil,
    Cleansing tissue
    30 month 12 month

    Makeup Product
    Lipstick, Lip gloss 30 month 18 month
    Pact, Powder, Blush, Eye shadow, Eyebrow 36 month 24 month
    Makeup base, Foundation, BB/CC 24 month 12 month
    Mascara, Eye liner 12 month 6 month
    Tint(Water Type) 12 month 6 month

    Gel Mask 12 month immediately after open
    Sheet Mask 24 month immediately after open

    Perfume bar 12 month 6 month
    Perfume - 36 month

    Nail Product
    Nail Polish 24 month -
    Nail Remover 36 month 24 month
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