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Please check frequently asked questions before sending us inquiries.

  • Q: [Order] Minimum order amount per brand and Minimum order Q'ty per product
    Our minimum order amount (MOA) per brand is KRW 300,000 based on wholesale price. (Some brands have higher MOA.)

    Please check the exact supplying rates and minimum order amount/quantity on the following page after logging in.

    Supplying Rates ← Click to move


    We have minimum order quantity (MOQ) per product. 

    This MOQ is 'box quantity' in our order lists and every product has different box quantity. You may need to order a product by the multiples of box quantity.

    For more information about box q'ty, please visit


    Here are the products with the smallest paper package.




  • Q: [Order] Interested product is not on your order list.

    New items or old items may not be on the list since we cannot always update all items.

    In this case, you can make an order list except for the unlisted products.

    After that, please simply let us know the product's name and your order quantity when you send us an order list.

    If your requested products are orderable, we will add the products to the invoice. 

    However, your requested products may not be orderable due to several reasons such as discontinued, out of stock, and etc. 

    Therefore, if there is no product on the list, please kindly check with us whether the product is available or not first.

  • Q: [Order] I want to revise your order lists.

    We are afraid that to revise our order lists is not allowed.

    The original order lists make us work easily and quickly in order to give you the fast and best service.

    Please note that our all order lists are locked and you are able to write the order q'ty only. 

    Please kindly understand our policy. 

  • Q: [Order] Can I order several brands with minimum order amount?

    Our MOA(minimum order amount) per brand is KRW 300,000 based on wholesale price.

    Thus, we are afraid that to have several brands with MOA is not possible.  

    Also, some brands have higher MOA than KRW 300,000, so please check our MOA and supplying rates for each brand here:

    ★Supplying rates ← Click to move!

  • Q: [Order] What is box quantity(Box Q'ty)?

    Box quantity is the number of a product in the smallest official package.

    If the box quantity is 10 for A product, it means that there are 10ea of A products in one small carton box. 

    (It is not 10 boxes, 10 individual pieces of A product.)

    You can check the box quantity in the "H" cell of our updated order lists.

    Please note that box quantity can be easily changed due to the brand offices' manufacturing process.

    Orders based on the box quantity help us to check and pack the products easily. This will also help to prevent unexpected damage during delivery.

    ** Some brands like Hera, Ohui, and etc have no MOQ. Please check our supplying rate list from the order board:

  • Q: [Order] Why is wholesale price on invoice different from my order list?
    All of the order lists on our site are set to over KRW 4,000,000 supplying rates based on wholesale price.
    For example, Innisfree brand has 57% of supplying rate if your order amount is over KRW 4,000,000.


    However, customers' order amount always varies and therefore, different supplying rate is applied. 

    If your order amount for Innisfree brand is KRW 646,800, we apply 60% of supplying rate in the invoice and inform you like:


    Even though 57% of supplying rate is applied when you make an order list, we can always revise this supplying rate based on wholesale price for your invoice. 

    Please be informed that there is the latest 'Wholesale Supplying Rate' file in our Order Board, so customers may check the exact supplying rate in advance. 
    Supplying Rates ← Click to move
  • Q: [Order] When can I reorder 'out of stock' product?

    We are afraid to say that we cannot guarantee the exact time of re-order. 

    If out of stock & lack of stock products are not the best selling / new products, we may provide them in a few weeks.
    But if they are the best selling / new products, it would take even a few months.

    It is because the main warehouse of the brands provides only small quantities of the products to their branches and suppliers. 

    Thus, we are not sure when the products are re-stocked again. 

    We suggest that you may wait for a while and we would let you know the stock status. 

  • Q: [Order] To cancel or to get a refund of the products when they are out of stock, lack of stock

    Please note that some of your ordered products might not be prepared due to temporarily out of stock, lack of stock or discontinued status. So, you may not get all the products as you ordered. 

    We are able to check the fixed quantity after we make the orders to our suppliers as well. After you make the payment, we also pay the products' cost to our suppliers. Then, the suppliers check the fixed order quantity and send us the fresh products. 

    In this process, even though your ordered products are out of stock, we cannot cancel the other products or give you the refund of them because we already pay the products and receive them. 

    This is how it normally works in the wholesaling business. 

    Thus, to receive fewer products than you originally ordered can happen / and to cancel or to get a refund of the order are not possible. 

    Hope you kindly understand our policy. 

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