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Please check frequently asked questions before sending us inquiries.

List of Articles
No. Category Subject Views
34 Cosmetics Do you sell authentic products? 18079
33 Cosmetics I want to buy samples. 13757
32 Payment What is supplying rate? 19521
31 Payment I want to pay by my own country's currency. 12031
30 Cosmetics Do you sell fresh cosmetics? 10877
29 Payment What is remittance charge and who pays that? file 11922
28 Payment I want to send money by Paypal. 11912
27 Payment I want to save remittance charges. 10963
26 Delivery Are all products packed by bubble wrap? 13942
25 Delivery I want to know the exact shipping cost in advance. 12616
24 Delivery I want to know estimated shipping cost and delivery period. file 52299
23 Delivery What if received products are damaged? 16531
22 Order Minimum order amount per brand and Minimum order Q'ty per product file 22150
21 Order Interested product is not on your order list. 11161
20 Order I want to revise your order lists. 10805
19 Others Do products have English labels? 12205
18 Others I need documents or certificates. 19674
17 Others I want to visit your office. 13963
16 Order Can I order several brands with minimum order amount? 12155
15 Payment Which exchange rate is applied? file 10402
14 Delivery Do you deliver cosmetics to our country? 22639
13 Others My account isn't activated / I don't receive the activation email. 15175
12 Membership How to sign up 22494
11 Membership How to find your account info (password) 13404
10 Order What is box quantity(Box Q'ty)? 14496
9 Delivery Check your country's Maximum Delivery Weight (20kg / 30kg) file 12834
8 Order Why is wholesale price on invoice different from my order list? file 10527
7 Cosmetics Expiration Date of Cosmetics file 6536
6 Order When can I reorder 'out of stock' product? 6556
5 Delivery How can I use LBC Korea delivery for the Philippines? file 20503
4 Delivery My parcels are caught by customs office. What should I do? 16951
3 Order To cancel or to get a refund of the products when they are out of stock, lack of stock 11001
2 Others I can't access your website due to excess of connection amount. 5136
1 Others I received my order and there are some issues about the products. What should I do? 2200
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