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Please check frequently asked questions before sending us inquiries.

  1. Do you sell authentic products?

    We provide 100% real, original and authentic cosmetics as well as fresh cosmetics. We only sell authentic products. Once we receive your orders, we directly contact brand offices or official agencies to receive fresh products. In fact, it is...
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  2. I want to buy samples.

    We only provide a sample order of a few brands. At this moment, we supply 'Laneige' and 'Sulwhasoo' samples as an official order. Except for these brands, to supply samples of other brands is not possible. We also provide some samples for fr...
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  3. What is supplying rate?

    Supplying rate is the contrary concept of discount rate. If the supplying rate of A brand is 55%, it means we supply A brand at 45% of the retail price. For example: The retail price of A product is 10,000 won and supplying rate is 55%, 5,50...
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  4. I want to pay by my own country's currency.

    We generally inform the total amount in KRW / USD for T/T payment method. However, we can also accept USD, HKD, RMB, etc..any currencies are acceptable. In this case, we suggest exchange rate and clients must follow the rate. When you send u...
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  5. Do you sell fresh cosmetics?

    After we receive the down payment from you, we start arranging the products as you ordered. We receive most of cosmetics directly from brand offices and their branches. Thus, all cosmetics are as fresh as possible. The products we supply are...
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  6. What is remittance charge and who pays that?

    Buyers must take care of all remittance charges occurred during international money transfer by wire transfer (T/T) or PayPal. As per our experience, the charges are usually around USD 30 to USD 50. That is why we request clients to send us...
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  7. I want to send money by Paypal.

    Our only payment method is T/T, wire transfer. Paypal takes longer for us to receive the money than receiving it from wire transfer (T/T). Then, it takes around 3 to 5 working days for us to withdraw money from our PayPal account after we re...
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  8. I want to save remittance charges.

    You can remit money to us by four ways as below. - Option A : sending money by US dollars without paying all local and overseas bank charges. - Option B : sending money by US dollars with paying all local and overseas bank charges from your ...
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  9. Are all products packed by bubble wrap?

    We pack the products very carefully since most of them are fragile and are delivered from Korea to overseas. Thus, we use bubble wrap to pack the products firmly. However, please note that we pack only fragile items individually with bubble ...
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  10. I want to know the exact shipping cost in advance.

    We do our best to provide your ordered products as you originally ordered. However, the brand offices do not hold their products 100% sometimes, out of stock or lack of stock status can happen. Thus, please kindly understand that we cannot g...
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  11. I want to know estimated shipping cost and delivery period.

    We send out products to the world by EMS (Express Mail Service), the simplest and easiest way to deliver goods to the world. The EMS delivery charges are imposed according to the gross weight of a parcel. ____________________________________...
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  12. What if received products are damaged?

    We pack the goods very carefully with bubble wrap and deliver them by EMS to prevent unexpected damage. However, we pack only fragile items individually with bubble wrap and paper cases are usually not packed if not requested. Please note th...
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  13. Minimum order amount per brand and Minimum order Q'ty per product

    Our minimum order amount (MOA) per brand is KRW 300,000 based on wholesale price. (Some brands have higher MOA.) Please check the exact supplying rates and minimum order amount/quantity on the following page after logging in. ★Supplying Rate...
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  14. Interested product is not on your order list.

    New items or old items may not be on the list since we cannot always update all items. In this case, you can make an order list except for the unlisted products. After that, please simply let us know the product's name and your order quantit...
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  15. I want to revise your order lists.

    We are afraid that to revise our order lists is not allowed. The original order lists make us work easily and quickly in order to give you the fast and best service. Please note that our all order lists are locked and you are able to write t...
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  16. Do products have English labels?

    As we provide many brands and products, we cannot guarantee that all products have English labels. Even though many brands are trying to make English labels along with Korean labels these days, we cannot fully confirm that all products have ...
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  17. I need documents or certificates.

    Please note that the only official documents that we can provide you are a commercial invoice and packing list. A few clients sometimes request us to provide the documents below. ______________________________________________________________...
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  18. I want to visit your office.

    For those who are planning to visit our office in Seoul, we welcome you every Wednesday and Thursday from 3 p.m to 4 p.m. Before you visit our office, please let us know in advance and send us the below information to The date...
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  19. Can I order several brands with minimum order amount?

    Our MOA(minimum order amount) per brand is KRW 300,000 based on wholesale price. Thus, we are afraid that to have several brands with MOA is not possible. Also, some brands have higher MOA than KRW 300,000, so please check our MOA and supply...
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  20. Which exchange rate is applied?

    There are different exchange rates depending on how and what currency you exchange because banks get some profits when exchanging the currency. Our main bank is Woori bank in Korea (Swift code: HVBKKRSEXXX). So, we request money based on the...
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  21. Do you deliver cosmetics to our country?

    Many clients ask us "Do you deliver cosmetics to our country?" The answer is "Yes!" We can send out products to most countries in the word by EMS(Express Mail Service, our only delivery method). There are NO limits for us to send out cosmeti...
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  22. My account isn't activated / I don't receive the activation email.

    If you don't receive the activation email, please check the spam mailbox first. If there is no activation mail in the spam box as well, please kindly send us an email to the below address. ____________________________________________________...
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  23. How to sign up

    To see all the information, especially to download product lists, it's better to become a member of our website. The below video clip will help you understand how to sign up. Please make sure that all the questions must be written very caref...
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  24. How to find your account info (password)

    When you forget your password, you can get the password by yourself. The following video clip will help you how to find out your account info.
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  25. What is box quantity(Box Q'ty)?

    Box quantity is the number of a product in the smallest official package. If the box quantity is 10 for A product, it means that there are 10ea of A products in one small carton box. (It is not 10 boxes, 10 individual pieces of A product.) Y...
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  26. Check your country's Maximum Delivery Weight (20kg / 30kg)

    The maximum weight per box of EMS delivery is usually 30kg. However, some countries(Look at the picture below) limit its maximum weight to 20kg. ** Countries that limit the maximum weight of EMS delivery parcels to 20Kg are as below  .tg {...
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  27. Why is wholesale price on invoice different from my order list?

    All of the order lists on our site are set to over KRW 4,000,000 supplying rates based on wholesale price. For example, Innisfree brand has 57% of supplying rate if your order amount is over KRW 4,000,000. However, customers' order amount al...
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  28. Expiration Date of Cosmetics

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  29. When can I reorder 'out of stock' product?

    We are afraid to say that we cannot guarantee the exact time of re-order. If out of stock & lack of stock products are not the best selling / new products, we may provide them in a few weeks. But if they are the best selling / new produc...
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  30. How can I use LBC Korea delivery for the Philippines?

    To receive the parcels by EMS (which is our delivery method) is risky due to the customs in the Philippines. Thus, we recommend you to use LBC Korea to receive the parcels in PH. Please kindly contact LBC Korea by yourself, you may need to a...
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  31. My parcels are caught by customs office. What should I do?

    Parcels can be caught by customs office in each country. It rarely happens, but customs duty and other taxes like import tariff, additional tax, VAT and etc. may be imposed when the shipment reaches your country. If applicable, please pay th...
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  32. To cancel or to get a refund of the products when they are out of stock, lack of stock

    Please note that some of your ordered products might not be prepared due to temporarily out of stock, lack of stock or discontinued status. So, you may not get all the products as you ordered. We are able to check the fixed quantity after we...
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  33. I can't access your website due to excess of connection amount.

    If you cannot access our website, it means that the amount of allowable connection to the site has been exceeded. This amount resets every day at midnight (00:00 A.M.) in Korean local time (GMT +9). Please kindly try to enter in our website ...
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  34. I received my order and there are some issues about the products. What should I do?

    After you receive the boxes of your order, please check your products carefully first - the condition, quantity, expiry date, and etc. If there are any issues about the products, please contact us right away in order to examine the issue tog...
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