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Please check frequently asked questions before sending us inquiries.

  • Q: [Delivery] I want to know the exact shipping cost in advance.

    We do our best to provide your ordered products as you originally ordered.

    However, the brand offices do not hold their products 100% sometimes, out of stock or lack of stock status can happen.

    Thus, please kindly understand that we cannot guarantee that all of the ordered products to be sent. 

    Also, the gross weight could be easily changed based on how to pack. If you order the products by box unit, we do not need to use bubble wrap or other materials to prevent damage. The gross weight can increase if we use materials to pack the products. 

    Due to the above two reasons, we cannot define the exact delivery charge in advance.

  • Q: [Delivery] I want to know estimated shipping cost and delivery period.

    We send out products to the world by EMS (Express Mail Service), the simplest and easiest way to deliver goods to the world.

    The EMS delivery charges are imposed according to the gross weight of a parcel.


    To get estimated delivery charges in advance, you can multiply product's capacity and 3 .

    (Sometimes multiply capacity and 4 ~ 6. It depends on the package condition of the items.)

    The reason we need to multiply 3 is because of carton box and bubble wrap. The weight includes bubble wrap, carton box, tape, and etc.  

    For example, if you order skin(100ml) 20 pcs, cream(50g) 10pcs, essence(40ml) 20 pcs, we could calculate as below.

    (100 X 20 X 3) + (50 X 10 X 3) + (40 X 20 X 3) = 9.9 Kg.


    Once you know the gross weight, you can check below for the EMS international delivery charge.

    1. Set the shipment type - Others (NOT Documents).

    2. Select Destination and Gross weight(Actual Weight).

    3. Click " View" button.

    ** If the below system is not shown, please click 'Load unsafe scripts' after you check your 'Insecure contect blocked' on the right top side of the page: 

    Load unsafe.PNG


    ** Countries that limit the maximum weight of EMS delivery parcels to 20Kg are as below

    마카오(중국) (MACAO(CHINA)) 아르헨티나 (ARGENTINA)
    멕시코 (MEXICO) 알제리 (ALGERIA)
    몽골 (MONGOLIA) 우크라이나 (UKRAINE)
    바레인 (BAHARIN) 이스라엘 (ISRAEL)
    방글라데시 (BANGLADESH) 이집트 (EGYPT)
    벨라루스 (BELARUS) 지부티 (DJIBOUTI)
    보츠와나 (BOTSWANA) 카자흐스탄 (KAZAKHSTAN)
    스페인(에스파니아) (SPAIN) 카타르 (QATAR)
    아르메니아 (ARMENIA) 폴란드 (POLAND(REP))
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